Sceure, Safe, Theft Proof Your Vehicles With a SMS: Vehicle Black Box (VBB)

..They call it as a Vehicle's Black Box (VBB)! For the First time, you can Track / Manage your Cars / Vehicles sitting at home via a SMS only with your Mobile Phone. Your car could be anywhere, either sitting in the parking or plying on the road with a speed. 

Mumbai based co. RMP Infotec Private Limited has developed the product VBB aimed for anti theft and safety and security for the vehicles. Company claims that it had fitted approx 10,000 cars in India with VBB and response is Good from Southern India and Punjab! But It costs dearly on the Indian roads and come with an initial price tag of INR 16,000/- (= approx USD 400). 

About the Technology: 

The VBB is to be installed near the Steering Wheel and and Electronic Networking is done with GSM / CDMA Mobile of the Car owner. Now Car is in controll via Mobile by SMS commands. Its a 2 way communications. Owner can send any of a predestined SMS for various VBB-RMP features like lock, unlock doors, to know the location of the vehicle at that moment in case of theft! The BEST PART IS THAT THE CAR COULD BE JAMMED / immobilize by sending SMS to the system itself ... : ) Good News for the Indian Car owners atleast... and you know In that case, the Car will never get started even with its own key, and will re-start only when a valid SMS code is sent, Thanks to this great and innovative Indian Technology.

It could also be used for other cool things like controlling Stereo Volume, other Functions etc. Just Type and SMS codes from your Cell and Voila! For an Emergency the Driver could PRESS the PANIC BUTTON to know the Car owner that he is in a danger. It could also be linked via an AUDIO VISUAL alert system. The other SMS features are: free smoke detection, gas leakage, alcohol detection intimation...

The Company plans are more exhaustive and making entry to the commercial vehicles, Trucks etc. too. 

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