Free International SMS: Yahoo!

Free International SMS
Good News for Text Messaging / SMS geeks and lovers: Yahoo Inc. is going to roll out FREE International SMS, integrating this great VALUE ADDED Service with its most popular email service or web mail service.

Currently the Free SMS could be done via Yahoo Chat or Instant messenger, but soon FREE International text messaging could be done via yahoo web mail service in four countries.

Yahoo India Director communications and community products, IM Swaminathan says,“If you click on the tab that says Text Message, you can compose an SMS. It is free,” Swaminathan told the Hindustan Times. But the person replying will pay for the SMS sent back."

Nice facility to SMS lovers and who are sticked with their computers but still love to be glued to the rest of world via short messaging.



Yahoo email and messaging in Hindi for Indians:

Mukesh Ambani Worlds' Richest, Gates 'hangs' in Windows

Say it with flowers!
Thanks to Manish Kumar, Bihar India again for pointing this interesting story for our readers.

The new Magnets or Business Tycoons stories are re-written and our new ALIVE Richest are here. The Indian Petro Chemical giant Reliance Chief Mukesh Ambani is the World's Richest MAN now, booming Indian sensex / stocks made him up above the software giant Bill Gates etc. Mukesh's assets are worth: $63.2 billion (almost Rs 2.49 lakh crore).

Mukesh Ambani, India, Reliance Petrochemicals: $63.2 billion (almost Rs 2.49 lakh crore)

Carlos Slim, Mexico: $62.299 billion

Bill Gates, USA, Microsoft’s: $62.290 billion

The fight seems to be neck to neck but its interesting to watch the daily ups and downs to these trends, destiny is great to someone and makes them billionaires overnight just due to bullish stocks, I wonder many times...

We all know Lakshmi Mittal, the Steel king whose roots are also in India is the unshattered KING of Steel. Now Ambanis rules the world. And this could be the more lucrative Money story with Ambani's if two brothers could be stay together (Anil Ambani of Reliance Infocomm and Mukesh Ambani two Brothers recently make a partitioned with their Huge Business empire and got separated.

UK Free & Cheap Calls and SMS

UK Free & Cheap Calls and SMS
Sites Featured:

The above two featured sites claims to give Free / Low Calling rates / SMS within the UK and Internationally too. One could make a low cost call via dialing an access number provided on the sites like 18866, or 18185. There are various plans to call like from BT Landline, From Mobile Phones etc.

There is an increasing craze to use the Free calling resources nowadays and its becoming more popular with the advent of VoIP nowadays with the help of Internet. But the truly Mobile to Mobile Free International calling still needs a way, and we have the fingers crossed for the coming future months.


Talkfree7 is Google PR2 Now, Let's Celebrate!


Here is the much awaited and happy news I wish to share with my loyal readers of this blog, that in a recent PR update by Google, now our VoIP Blog is now ranked PR2 (Page Rank 2) by Google.

Page Rank is a Google measurement / Scale to measure the importance of the web page or a Site and measures on a scale of 0-10. Page Rank is named on the name of one of the Google Founder Larry Page.

My heartiest thanks to all the visitors, readers and the Guests here who love and make a habit to read our Talkfree7!

Cheers : )

Difference Between WWW & Internet: Web & Net are NOT One and the Same Things!

www: virtual world
When I first entered this virtual world, I was the same 'raw' like when a toddler is born to this earth! For many years the World Wide Web and the Internet was it and one thing for me. But NOT is this now, I know that there is a good difference between the two, but I also know that many of us even do not know that they are all-DIFFERENT but sounds same to us!

Well, World Wide Web or Web or WWW is a broader thing in laymen’s' perspective and its Like a HIGHWAY or a BROADWAY, and the Internet is just like a shop or a store along this long Highway. Imagine that there is a long road with many shops / stores both sides of it and that long road is WWW and one of the shop on this road is the Internet / net!

The Internet started for USA Defense project in 1973. Its the International network of computers connected via satellite and servers creating the world wide web of such many networks. The Web works with some protocols like HTTP and so.

This WWW is like a Big Universe and the Internet / 'net is only one of the planet within this Big Virtual Universe! ...The one other difference between the WWW and the net is that, the net works with many protocols but WWW works with just one of the protocol of many supported.

But who cares, they are different or the same: I have to use my ISP with my Internet explorer Browser to surf the net and to live in this virtual world for emails, downloads etc etc... www and net both have revolutionized our lives, and they are one and same for me, I love to live ONLINE and in the world of fantasy, long live the virtual world!



Free International Calls USA, Canada

What is Dingaling?
Site Featured:

Whats in a name? but still what a sweet name is with a good layout of the site, featured above: DINGALING : ) 

Its the Canada based site which promises to give 5 Minutes of Free Calls within North America or Canada, even you don't need to have register for this 5 minuted free trial calling. 

The Site Says: 

" do not have to register an account in order to use the free trial. The trial is provided to users as a convenience to test the service risk free. If you are satisfied with the free trial period and would like to continue using the service once the time has expired, you will need to register an account with DingaLing..."

Registration is simple and free and could be tried if you need Cheap / Free VoIP calling resources. No software to download or no special hardware is needed to call for free here. 

Procedure to make Free / Cheap International calls is quiet easy, just choose the country from drop down menu, FROM WHERE YOU ARE CALLING and TO WHERE YOU ARE CALLING, click Dial and its DONE, you are on the Free calling line : ) You can save some bucks on your phone bills if you wish to use this for local or International long distance phone calls from you cell or landline phone. During this Free Calls to USA, Canada trial you can also use your Mobile Phone or PDA... 

How to make Free Calls to USA, Canada Trial:

Facebook and Dingaling Free Long Distance Calling:

Dingaling Long Distance Calls are now available on popular social network, FACEBOOK. The Site describes this feature as: 

"...users of DingaLing Facebook receive:

50 Minutes of FREE Long Distance in Canada, U.S., and the UK 
10 additional minutes of FREE long distance for every referred friend (to a maximum of 7 friends) 
Features coming soon to DingaLing Facebook include:

Text Calling 
Call Your Facebook Friends 
Call Blocking ... "

Cheers : )

Password Protect Word / Excel Files, How To?

Well, Thanks to Manish Kumar, Bihar, India for suggesting this nice Tip to Password protect your M.S. Word and M.S. Excel Files, (in case you use a shared computer) so no other user could access / reach or Alter them without your permission and this is also good for the sake of Privacy of your Word / Excel Documents. 

After completing your Word or Excel Document, click 'SAVE AS' > Click on 'TOOLS' in the dialogue Box > Click on 'GENERAL OPTIONS' > Choose a PASSWORD to open this file (Note down the password or you could never open this saved documents) If you wish you also could choose to make it a READ ONLY file so it could not be altered or changed without your permission. 

Cheers : )

Point And Find: Imaging Nokia

Point And Find: Imaging Nokia

Point and Find by Nokia 'sings' sometimes a rhyme like, in my mind, its to me like is: Point and Find = Shoot at Sight : ) 

Yes its an upcoming new Feature in the Nokia handsets which is ALL SET to revolutionize the Mobile / Wireless Handsets Industry with Nokia's Imaging power and techniques. Thanks to the 'Made in Finland', The Nokia! 

The Imaging power of Nokia is going to get 'SMART' and 'Pinpointed' similar too Google Search results, that's too Wirelessly and for Free. Nokia handsets soon will be embedded with this Point and Find feature, here when a Nokia handset user will Pinpoint / Aim / Capture a picture by focusing his Camera ready Nokia handset to any of the object like a Beautiful Wet Beach Girl ; ) Taj Mahal of India, Pyramids of Egypt or The Statue of Liberty etc, he will get the information downloaded and details of that respective Image / thing or object relating to that snap he had shot with his camera! 

Its amazing, Its wonder and puzzling to me how Nokia could manage these Information without the power of Google or any other Search engine giant on its handsets? We have to wait and watch. The Nokia Camera Mobile will have the 'Brain' now, they would think, associate and will provide us the info relating to the concern images now : )

In a recent The Way We Live Next show in the Finland, The Nokia tried to unwrapped its upcoming plans re: Point and Find feature. To Point and Find, the Nokia will use the IMAGE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY via its Camera Mobile Handsets. The Image Recognition Technology is a Smart technology which co relates the images and after identifying and matching them, it provides all the information associated with it, which has been pre- provided in the data base of the concerning type Image(s). Point and Find is bit similar to the QR Code Technology {} developed by Japan for incorporating the eye-catching images of logos, characters, or photos etc via using a Mobile Phone! 

I will write in details more about this QR Code Technology, Nokia Handsets and Nokia Codes, please stay tuned to this Blog! 

Cheers : )


Free Mobile Phone To Web Wireless: Mirror Your Mobile Phone Content to Web for Free


Its a cool Mobile Social Network. Dashwire believes in the power of Technology and to harness the power of Mobile and Internet at the same time, they beautifully tried to integrate the both ventures in one Single and seamless venture, we could simply say Mobile to Web Publishing for Free. 

The Dashwire Mirrors your Mobile content on the Web for an easy to use platform, and thats all WIRELESS and Free, than you can manage your Picture Gallery, SMS, Text Messaging and many Value Added services here easily and with no problems like you might face on working with a small keyboard of mobile. 

Its the synchronization of your cell phone with your Web presence, that's too wireless to make the things easy for you to do and share for Free...

The SMS / Text messages when you send from Dashwire will appear to your message receiver as it were sent from your cell number and not from the Web Browser or the mighty Internet, and again It comes for Free. 

Dashwire also lets you mange your Wallpapers and ringtones etc too like many other Mobile functions, its a complete solution to publish your Mobile Phone to the web Browser!

Cheers : )

Mobile Phone SMS: Wireless Keyboard / QWERTY

Mobile Phone SMS: Wireless Keyboard / QWERTYIf you love doing SMS / Text Messaging from your Mobile phone than now a Patent Pending Wireless QWERTY Keyboard for Tex Messaging / SMS is available on the net.

Its a wireless QWERTY full functional alpha numeric keyboard which could be folded and could be used as and when needed. It is made of flexible silicone rubber panel.

When you need to Type the text put your cell pre programmed with its software and than place the cell at the mid of this rubber keyboard. The Internal circuit of the keyboard comes in resonance with the programmed cell and would recognize it. And also the magnetic field will provide the energy required to run this rubber Qwerty keyboard.

How it Works?

When you start typing letters / words or numerals they will automatically be transmitted wirelessly to the programmed cell and will be blinked on the small screen on your cell to catch your attention. Now you are ready to edit or send it to the recipient. The message is sent than remove the cell and put the keypad rolling into your pocket or so : )Voila...

Whole of the technology is in your pocket now so why to use Bulky communicators, if you need only a SMS enabled cell, than why not to use this key pad with QWERTY keys!


Bone Conduction Mobile Phone: Jaw Bone Hear Calls

Bone Conduction
An Interesting story is spreading all around the Science-Tech News on the net, its about South Korean Mobile Handset Company's Pantech A1407PT Phone. {This Cell phone will be made available via Japan's KDDI Network and will be available in Japan by this November 2007, but no specific date for Europe or US launch is being set. }. The best / Free on the net re Mobile and Wireless Technology should surface to this Blog for my Readers is always being my concern...

Reportedly this device / cell phone has a unique ability to make you able to hear your Calls. Using this phone you could listen to your calls via your Jaw Bones?! 

I know it seems a bit confusing, but our future gadgets could do anything so don't get surprised if the strange things will happen in the coming future! But the Question here is whats the use to hear the calls via jaw bones instead of ear drums? Yeah, now this makes a sense...

The Pantech A1407PT uses Bone Conduction and if the phone is put near your Jaw, the vibrations from it will conduct to the inner ear and thus you would be able to hear the calls with no problem and with clarity. 

The purpose seems to being able to hear in NOISY environment and the the persons having hearing problems could also hear using this innovative Technology, as the voice is conducted via the inner ear ...

Though this Bone conduction technology is an old concept and is in the air since years! Also this concept is successfully developed the hearingg aids and Mp3 Players, Headsets etc...but this is being embedded in the cell phones for the very first time. 

Now the Mobile Phone is becoming an integral part of our daily lives with more and more user friendly technologies are developing each day, we can live without our Lunch but CERTAINLY NOT without our Mobile Phones : )

Cheers : )


Sceure, Safe, Theft Proof Your Vehicles With a SMS: Vehicle Black Box (VBB)

..They call it as a Vehicle's Black Box (VBB)! For the First time, you can Track / Manage your Cars / Vehicles sitting at home via a SMS only with your Mobile Phone. Your car could be anywhere, either sitting in the parking or plying on the road with a speed. 

Mumbai based co. RMP Infotec Private Limited has developed the product VBB aimed for anti theft and safety and security for the vehicles. Company claims that it had fitted approx 10,000 cars in India with VBB and response is Good from Southern India and Punjab! But It costs dearly on the Indian roads and come with an initial price tag of INR 16,000/- (= approx USD 400). 

About the Technology: 

The VBB is to be installed near the Steering Wheel and and Electronic Networking is done with GSM / CDMA Mobile of the Car owner. Now Car is in controll via Mobile by SMS commands. Its a 2 way communications. Owner can send any of a predestined SMS for various VBB-RMP features like lock, unlock doors, to know the location of the vehicle at that moment in case of theft! The BEST PART IS THAT THE CAR COULD BE JAMMED / immobilize by sending SMS to the system itself ... : ) Good News for the Indian Car owners atleast... and you know In that case, the Car will never get started even with its own key, and will re-start only when a valid SMS code is sent, Thanks to this great and innovative Indian Technology.

It could also be used for other cool things like controlling Stereo Volume, other Functions etc. Just Type and SMS codes from your Cell and Voila! For an Emergency the Driver could PRESS the PANIC BUTTON to know the Car owner that he is in a danger. It could also be linked via an AUDIO VISUAL alert system. The other SMS features are: free smoke detection, gas leakage, alcohol detection intimation...

The Company plans are more exhaustive and making entry to the commercial vehicles, Trucks etc. too. 

Cheers : )

News Analysis:

Raketu: Cheap and Free International Calls

Site Featured:

From Aug 20, 2007 Raketu Announced Free calling to locations in 40 countries:

Raketu Calls, IM, SMS, Mobile, Interactive TV, Video on Demand and many more applications. 

Free to Download, Cheap / Free to Call Internationally. 

Promo Details: Just become a Raketu user and make the payment of $9.95 or $24.95 and what you will get is:

Up to 1200 minutes each month free calling for 40 countries...if the caller calls for more than 1200 minutes calling to the free locations, than only the regular rates will apply. 

Full Details:

The 40 countries locations are: 

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea South, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City State, Venezuela 

Sorry for Indians, South Africa, Norway, Indonesia etc and more...better luck next time 

I am still TRYING to figure out a TOTAL FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLING in its 'literal way' for my Talkfree7 Readers, but unfortunately I am still in search, if any of you know TOTAL FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLING (PHONE TO PHONE) than please let me know, so I could publish it with your name and could thank you here : )


Get this blog on your cell phones

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Free Skype Calls From Any Phone Remotely: MyToGo

Site Featured:

Do you heard of "MyToGo"? Do you know whats it, How to use and what the wonders it could do for you?

MyToGo for Skype gives the freedom to use ANY ANY of your existing Phone to Call your Skype Contacts in your list and it allows you to check your Voice Mail there for Free! Amazing na?! Moreover It also permits you to use Skype Calling Rates from ANY ANY of your existing phones and you can do speed dial numbers from your any phobe using Skype as a 'Remote Phone' or 'Mobile Skype'!

You just need a latest Skype Client Software, so install the latest version for your Windows! MyToGo Skype is FREE! with no recurring charges for MyToGo for Skype.

The Site Depicts This MyToGo software as:

MyToGo for Skype works with ANY Phone and Skype Worldwide! 

Skype Rates for Local or International Calls from ANY Phone 

Now Take Skype ANYWHERE You Go Using ANY Phone 

Check Skype Voice Mail from ANY Phone FREE 

Call Skype Names from ANY Phone for FREE 

Who Said iPhone Users Can't use Skype? 

The Skype Journal says: 

"MyToGo turns your Skype configuration into a personal PBX.."

Need more details, than visit this link:

Cheers : )

Streaming TV On Mobile

Streaming TV, live on cell phones
Site Featured:

Want to see a big screen within a small screen of your cell phone, ok come on, our today's destination is Streaming TV on your Li'll Mobile Handsets! They Also have streaming Radio for your Mobile.

Rok.Tv is UK based Mobile Entertainment and communication Giant. They have started a Streaming Mobile TV for Global audience who lives on Internet and Mobile like me : )
I am going to Try this Great service after a nice service I had earlier told you: Vimio.

Rok TV supports following Mobiles. But also if your Cell is not listed here and has a Media Player + streams video, than also you should be able to receieve ROK TV!