World Record Longest Phone Call: Tony Wright, You did it

When the 'telephone' was invented the 'HELLO' was the VERY FIRST word to be called as such, but now ALL the boundaries are transgressed in regards to the length of time we chat or call on Mobile or Land line or VoIP Net phone etc...

Guys over the Globe are getting 'crazy' : ) over many things and innovative ideas, now take Tony Wright what he did is tried and FINALLY BROKE the World record for the longest phone call with his net phone he talked for for near 40 hours. (The last record for the lengthiest call was for 39 hours, 18 minutes and 24 seconds)...

Its ok Tony you were for the World record, but what of the guy(s) at other the end, what was there fault... : ) Ha Ha,

...Anyways Tony you deserve Three Cheers from me, YOU DID IT : )

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