VoIP-SIP Cheap BSNL Calls: India Enters Free Calling Spree!

VoIP-SIP Cheap BSNL Calls: India Enters Free Calling Spree!
Breaking News: India: The State owned BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has just invited for the "expression of interest" from the interesting parties for initiating the Cheap / Free International calls from India, originating using from its carrier. 

BSNL is the single largest State owned Telco of India with its reach even into the remotest and the tiniest villages of India. 

BSNL plans to initiate this project within the next two coming months. The VoIP / SIP cheap or free International calls is getting hot in India too now. Internet penetration too is increasing here like the Cell phone density. 'Net calls would be a very popular phenomenon in India in coming times, its for sure : )

BSNL claims to provide a cheap call for INR 1 (1USD = INR41)only to US and many other international countries with this service. 

Recently an another State owned Telecom MTNL (with presence only in two Metros: New Delhi & Mumbai) also had started the same cheap International calling services from India, The VoIP via a SIP Telephone...

The 'Telecom War' is hot in India too and the 'Customer is the King, like as always...

Cheers : )

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