Use Mobile: Fly Plane, India: It's Good or Bad, a New Threat to Security?

Use Mobile: Fly Plane, India: Its Good or Bad, a New Threat to Security?
I was reading today a news about how some polytechnic students from India gathered and manage to fly a plane prototype with the help of a Mobile Phone.

"The mobile phone used as a remote control device directed the three-foot long plane to take off and fly..."

Its 'interesting, though it rather seems a NEW security threat to me after 9/11 happenings in the US, and whole of the world is passing through a strange terrorism where the unseen and unknown culprit is 'armed' with all of the latest gadgets and technology. 

In Kashmir too 'Cellphone Triggers' are a fresh threat to the Indian security agencies, but I wish and hope this wireless technology would be used for the goods of our global people and it would NOT pose a fresh security threat to ALL of us : )

WE NEED A PEACE NOW, We want to Live : ) like a Gentleman at least for the sake our coming generations...

Cheers : )

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