Ubik phone: Future technology

Future phone technology
Ubik Phone: Future Technology

Did you heard of Ubik Phone? Its one of the most advance future tech gadget. its approx 3 inches square in the shape.

Ubik could be used to access All like emails, SMS, Instant Messaging and of course Phone functions : ) Also it could be used to play games, Web surfing, Photo sharing and Music : )

Ubik's screen has flexible and clarity with always on glowing light. This light could be programmed according to the function you are using like weather, stocks, incoming calls, SMS or so, light could be programmed to change its wings / colors : )

In Ubik you dont need to scroll the buttons to search some text menu or so. Just open the phone and function would be in front of you instantly.

The Best part is Ubik has inbuilt optical scanner which is 'smart' and could catch you, it ensures that YOU re the ONLY ONE OWNER of your Ubik who has the permission to use it...so this is the future tech which is a reality now : )


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