Talkplus 'Trick' For Free Worldwide Calls

Talkplus 'Trick' For Free Worldwide Calls

This Blog is 'Smart' and thankfully trying the best to show free calling resources for the Internationals. But I wonder the motive sometimes, I could never understand?

Free resources does not means to 'hack' someone, in my eyes, What is he doing, why is he trying to 'GIFT' a FREE 'HACK' or so as they called them...Life is NOT a shortcut, if somebody don't have the funds enough than why to 'HACK' or 'cheat'or I would say' STEAL the hard earned money of a company by means of illegal ways or backdoor entries? This not fair... Please do not promote these illegal activities, be positive and don't try to create the FREE shortcuts out of the Pigeon Holes of some VoIP companies, we are here to make the World Wide Web / WWW / Internet clean : )

shradha and kartik

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