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Make Your Funds Mobile: Send or Recieve International payments via Mobile, SMS, WAP, Online!

LUUP is a Site that let you allow to pay or send & receive funds with Mobile SMS or just coming online : )

It has the features by where one can use this secured text messages, its simple to use and rather is a fun : ) could be used like a Bank Account, here you can store funds, money even you dont have the 'plastic cards' or 'plastic money' i.e. debit cards, credit cards...simply you can link your credit cards, debit cards or Bank account here : )

You dont need to be a computer, online or mobile 'GEEK' here to do Mobile fund transfers, its an easy to do, self help site...

Just send money to yours or friends etc with a SMS and check this LUUP, if its for you? Great service, I think? Dont you?

PS: Bookmark if you like this site, share with yours, email, advertize, link us with your Blogs, Sites, we are determined to show ALL the online and Mobile Free tech resources to you, make a visit again : )Welcome always...

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