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SoonR seems to be a nice software that keeps one secured and connected with your computer that why you are always go mobile. You can access your Home PC / Laptop files, pictures, docs etc saved in your PC via the power of your cell phone. Also the files could be shared without them uploading and you could use the power of desktop search applications. 

Site describes itself as "...Desktop Search, Outlook, Mac Mail, Skype, and the files on desktop computer(s) are made available anywhere you are and even when your computer is turned off. Any cell just with data access becomes a smart phone."

SoonR basic accounts are free. One could access pics, files, and docs and can share them with others. 


No need for any special software or expensive plans etc. If your cell can make a SMS, than your Mobile can connect with SoonR Desktop. No need to any software to install on the cell. 

All you need are these requirements: 

SoonR client installed and launched on your PC 
PC is turned on 
Outlook is running on your PC 
A mobile phone with a service plan, thats it. 

What will you get: 

Remote access to PC(s) 
Get documents and pictures optimized for your handset 
Check your Outlook or Mac Mail inbox while you're away 
Respond to emails 
International calls that cost just pennies per minute! 
Conference call support 
Supports Skype Chat! ...and much more
Try it and share it here...

Cheers : )

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