Second Life: 3D Online Digital World, Imagined and Created by its 'Residents'

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Did you ever heard of a "Second Life" or ever wished that you might have one?!

Now you can too lead a SECOND LIFE entirely in the Virtual World or you can live in your thoughts, much different from your Real or the First Life. You can live in your own imaginations just like you live a life in this Real World. is a 'concept' which relates to the Virtual World living.

Site describes the Concept as: Whats the Second Life is: "Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and (till)today is inhabited by a total of 9,653,245 Residents from around the globe."

'Residents' of this 'World' could create all things here like a Home, Cars, Clothes, Furniture etc. can sale or purchase even the 'Virtual Lands and Buildings here : )

Right now Reuters, Ford and IBM too have their presence here and if you wish you could do International transactions too here with your Plastic Money or the Credit Card.

Well whats this all going I cant comment but its beyond my small intelligence, I am failed to understand this 'concept', if this is really any 'concept' at all...and perhaps this is Nohing but a concept to hide ONCE personality from 'HIMSELF' or the real world...when we are frustrated or feel depressed than perhaps this is the Right place for us?!

Do any of these second world(S) could ever replace our healthy First World ever? I wonder, or may be you my Intelligent 'Audience" here have any answers please? Pl do comment below your views : )

Is Real World Not enough to live in? Why is the need of a Second world with a second Life...Man is already much tensed in his First Life than who could stop the possible Tensions of the second world which may / would develope in the coming Second Future of the Second Life World? Why to try and to chellenge God's First Life Gift to the human?

Ok, I recall an Interesting story and wish to share with ya All here, if you prermit me please:

Once the MAN challenged THE GODS...and told that I had created the 'Second' Universe and its bigger and better than you, I could scale the Moon and such many many things...the God 'smiled' a bit and replied, Hey Man, its Good, its fine, my Son you are doing great and creating all these better than me, but I have a doubt, can you pl satisfy me that you created all these Big things with some 'Earth' or ' basic element or material' , do you owe this basic 'material or created yourself? Please tell me could you made this 'basic earth' too to create the second life? Man has No reply : )

Cheers : )

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