'Premium' Mobile Number Sold for USD40,000 : Indians too are getting 'Crazy'

'Premium' Mobile No. Sold USD40,000
The Indian Mobile No. 9780000000 is the most expensive of all cell phone numbers in the terms of its monetary value it holds : )

Could you believe it has been sold for INR 15.50 lakh (approx.USD 40,000/-)'ONLY'! Ludhiana 'champ' Amit Malhotra holds the 'key' to this magic number. Its the newest symbol of status of this hi tech generation of this new breed of 'yankees'! 

Ludhiana, holds the most Mercedeas per capita of any Indian city and here Rs 6 lakh (approx. USD 15,000) suitlengths are a common outfit...

I am stunned, In a country where largely and generally one could not even earn enough to feed the hungry stomach of their kids, whats going on... its a shame on the society with a disparity? 

A local Mobile Company Hutch's employee seems to be right 'en cashing' the opportunity at the right time, when he says: " If the people have the money, let them buy the moon." We are again in capitalistic societies, and money here holds an upper strata than the 'human'!

Its a Bigger and ever unanswered question to me that why the Money is Bigger than the 'human life'? Do you have an answer???

Cheers : )

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