Nexia Cellmagix Bluetooth: India Malls are Bluetooth for Mobile Savvy Consumers

Tech 2 reports

Nexia's software Cellmagix is for hightech consumers who could use Bluetooth in a 'public place' and don't care for being hacked or virus attack : )

In India, Mumbai, while in a shopping mall, the consumers who enable their Bluetooth Mobile could get all relevant sales and consumer info right in their Bluetooth inboxes : ) All best sales bargains, discounts, product details and maps etc etc. Also one could get freebies, ringtone, wallpapers and such stuff : )

Nexia's claims about their services are free of all Viruses and Spam? But I am concerned OK viruses and spam are OK but what if somebody 'hacked' my 'li'll' Nokia 3230 Mobile there : ( do I am ready to take that risk in a public place to enable my Bluetooth Mobile just for fun, I have to think again : )


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