Mobile or VISA Credit Card? Both in-built now

Don't dream of a Cell having the functionality of a plastic card or a VISA credit card, its going to be a reality soon. reports that the companies viz: Telstra, NAB & Visa are taking for an 'operation' that would allow consumers to pay for things and services with their cute cell phones like using a credit card...

A 'sample group' of Telstra & NAB cguys will be supplied with a mobile phone embarked with contactless near field communications (NFC) technology, and a Visa functionality was pre-loaded into the Mobile chip / SIM.

This would be tested first in Australia next year. Regards the security they have a solution like PIN and it could be disabled remotely in a case of theft / lost etc. Lots of going now...

and This is ONLY the beginning of a real M-Commerce : )

Cheers : )

Analyzed from here:,21985,22341638-662,00.html

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