For Mobile Surfing: Synchronize Your Favorite RSS Feeds

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If you are looking for some application or a 'software' that could convert your Feeds / RSS feeds for your Mobile Browsing with a Cell Phone, PDA or a Mobile Device than certainly the Litefeeds is for you : ) You can also mobilize your feeds for your Blackberry : ) here...

Its an application which could be done via online / Internet so you dont have to 'toggle' on your li'll Mobile Browser. Or you could download + install than your Mobile will go in sync with your online account and will retrieve all of your RSS / Feeds. They are the secured feeds. 

It automatically cach and compress the feed for a fast mobile browsing, this application is smart enough. You can Share / Clip the things or could view the images here. The emails could be send from here, blog posts, bookmarks, alerts etc many application for you at the ease of your cell phone. 

Go Mobile Browse the World,

Cheers ; )

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