Mobile Site Builder: *.Mobi Free Site, Plug and Play

Mobile Site Builder: *.Mobi Free Site for Non Techys, Plug n Play

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Lets make a Free Site that could be surfed via Mobile device and could fit into the small cell phone screens! Yes, Its on the *.mobi domain and not on the traditional *.com : )

For example visit and bookmark my mobile site: Talkfree7

If you are looking for a nice site builder for yourself which could be browsed by your Mobile Phone, and you are a non techy like me : ) than welcome to the world of

Here what you see, what you do, means its a safe Plug n Play Site builder for free, in few minutes your site for Mobile Browser is ready and you could show it to the world or could browse from your Cell Phone, is not this interesting? Thanks to me : )

Another such good site builder site is:

So get set go to the Mobile Publishing...

Cheers : )

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