Mobile Ringtone, Vibration (Ringxiety) Anxiety

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Did any of you, any time felt an 'Ringxiety', anxiety or a depression when your cell rings? Hmm... OK-OK, be cool and pl take your time to think it over, actually many times I felt that my Mobile is ringing or is vibrating in my pocket, wherever actually it never is? 

Than who causes to hear me the ring bell? Its a kind of a stress related fear or a type of an anxiety where I always 'try to hear the fuzzy ringtone or a bell or feel the vibrations which is Not good for my health? 

Actually technology is always good to use but unfortunately we are getting more n more dependent on it day by day and our stress levels are so high that we are becoming the 'Ghulams' (slave) of this useful tech gizmos. 

In a survey it has been found that two third of the survey sample is like me : ) i.e. all are RING ANXIOUS... everybody 'force tries' to hear the Ringtone or Vibration of cell but actually its never has been!

They chaps who are in a constant touch of their lovely gadgets, The Mobile or such wireless communication devices are get addicted earlier to this anxiety. 

The best solution is FREQUENTLY change your favorite Ringtones so you do not get addicted to hear the 'same' sound or tone will solve the problem a bit but the best is try to make a control over the stress level (I know its easy to say this but tough to do) but nothing is impossible when we have a strong will power and determination to do positive, half of the 'battles' are won by The Strong will power. 

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