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Wen you seek a directions to an address? just choose "Address" and tell your start and destination points.

You can give an Address (e.g. 150 narrowtreet) or any Inter-section (e.g. Broad-way and 52nd).

This is available in the USA's greater metro areas of San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York. More metros may be added!

So What is Dial Directions? ... Its simply a 'service' through a Mobile Phone or a cell phone which sends / directs direction without a fee or without GPS!

Site describes it as:

"1. What is Dial Directions?

Dial Directions is a free, new, first of its kind voice-activated service that provides driving directions to all cell phone users. With one quick phone call from your cellphone, you can ask for directions to wherever you want to go - any address, intersection or chain store. Driving directions are instantly sent to your cell phone by text message.

Dial Directions works from any cell phone, on all carriers and handsets. Best of all, it's FREE!"

Cheers : )

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