'Kindle' Amazon, Wireless E-Book Reader: Handheld Digital Device

Handheld device

As you know and might have read the news, that Internet Giant Amazon is going to launch this October a handheld wireless device known as 'Kindle': its an E-Book wireless reading device to be introduced and is on the cards.

Just to recall, Kindle's screen is designed by E-Ink, which specializes in "Electronic Ink" and Keyboards. Its would have the enough memory to hold many books. Kindle expected to be priced in US, somewhere between USD 400 - 500.

The amazing thing would be: it would be able to connect wirelessly with an e-book store on Amazon.com : ) I liked this concept, its wonderful enough and seems to be a seamless technology is in the full swing in a common man's life too.

According to the Sources, Kindle will also have some reference books preloaded for free, and will also have to offer subscriptions to news feeds from many newspapers includs Le Monde, Wall Street Journal, New York Times etc...

The Kindle has initiated an another fresh set of "Internet Rumours" and tried to 'control' a bit about the much hyped Google's GPhone Launch! Thank God : )

As E-Books are becoming the latest buzz on the net, the competition is hot here too. I always wonder could e-book ever would replace the 'paper' crunch and its fresh morning 'smell', could an e-book ever replace the newspaper many of us read on the 'potty seats' : ) or with a sip of a hot cafe cup in the morning?!

...Anyways Google too has shown its presence in this war of words or rather I would like to say war of the intellect and readers! Google also planning to start charging its users for a full online access to the digital books stored in its database. Publishers here would be able to share revenues with Google, an another nice revenue sharing plan of Google like its publisher's network "Google Adsense", this makes Google a 'Giant' now I understand!

The Digital Random House is in full swing to digitalize the paper editions into a digital format... preparing to catch / 'cash' the digital boom of the coming times : )

iPod, iTunes, Apple's iPhone, and now Wireless handheld Kindle, Digital E-Book Readers are trying to 'force' a new direction to the simple human life and I am confused a bit if we are going 'ahead' in our lives or just becoming the 'slave or the 'tech junks' or 'machines' rather than a human with some thoughts and feelings, do we had a 'TIME' to think for ourselves now and do really we need so much of 'info' in this era of Information super highway??

Cheers : )

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