KDDI: "Life Log", Electronic "Time Capsule": Flog

KDDI: "LifeLog", Electronic "Time Capsule": Flog
According to the Internet news, Japan's (Nippon's) Second Largest Telco KDDI Corp introduced Lifelog (or Flog) Pod, its a Network where guys could view another's Online Activities : )

KDDI has introduced a BIG BROTHER Mobile Network, it tries to 'REPLACE the Human Memory. How?

KDDI announced that its a server where the ELECTRONIC records of a person's life are being kept over either its being done via Internet, WWW, Mobile Phone, Credit Cards, Bar Codes or so...

This server records each and every electronic activity or the electronic patterns of your life, than it is ready to serve you or your group of friends...

It seems to be like a “TIME CAPSULE" where the records are being kept all over the life and than there after too for the coming generations : )

KDDI simple Philosophy is: "... This isn't a violation of privacy rights," the KDDI official said. "It is simply that everyone is connected."

Time will tell, that is it really a weired world or violation of privacy?! Impossible to guess for me at this time : )

KDDI currently is not in a mood to commercialize its server.

Nationalist Japan, The Electronic Hub of the Globe could do anything : ) and the World watches, as its all about the tag "Made in Japan"

Cheers : )

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