India Gray Market: iPhone Enetrs India!

Apple or iPhone?
...It seems iPhone is the latest of all the 'Cottage or Small Industries" where every second 'expert in this world' is trying his hands to 'Unlock' it to make it 'personal' and not only related to Apple : )

Now the news or rumours are that it is being selling in Indian Gray Markets “Heera Panna” in Mumbai. And Gaffar Market in New Delhi for INR 52000 or USD 1300 it could be yours, unbelievable? No No I am serious and yeah ofcourse its Unlocked and Running : ) You are welcome to India and try this lovely Global li'll product now in your hands, who cares for an "Apple", Huh, Apples are just to eat and they say, AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTORS AWAY : )

Indian Gray market is also selling the newly announced Apple’s latest iPod Nano starting just for USD 200

Grab it yours,

Cheers : )

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