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Raman Gupta, CEO, a GENIUS guy from Ludhiana, India runs this lovely 'Portal'! I AM SIMPLY ADDICT to it, thanks to him I had embeded it on this Blog, so you can use to send FREE SMS to India, link is below at the bottom of this Blog for "Free SMS TO INDIA". Here you can send FREE SMS to India, any mobile, carrier or operator : )It works fine with All!

Its Alexa Rank is near 5000, can you believe?

The Portal itself is marvellous with NICE COLLECTION on different categories of SMS like, love, romance, friendship and much more.

So why not to use this lovely service if you wish to send FREE SMS to yours,


Anonymous said...

Send free unlimited sms to INDIA

This is different from other websites as It uses ur name as sender unlike other websites which uses their website name as sender, so that the receiver knows who has sent the msg before opening it. It provides other features like bulk sms, msg report, contacts. The msg is delivered instantly after u click send button and another important feature is that it wont send Ads along with your msg. Its very clean.

I personally like this very much. just addicted to it.

Anonymous said...

oh thanks for this useful info :)

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