Farmers Toll Free SMS; Agriculture Help

In India: State of Haryana the farmers are using SMS to solve there agriculture-related queries and problems.

It's a Government Service introduced for Free of cost SMS to their Farmers... 

On the number 9915862026 SMS could be sent for Free to this Toll Free SMS number but no calls can be made. 

This Govt. department also introduced a few toll free numbers for the farmers to call and get answers to their queries. 

Its a system bit like "RIGHT TO INFORMATION" here when a farmer puts a query, the Govt deptt. than forward that query to the concerned deptt. for an appropriate answer to be given, than the specialist there replies back to the Govt and hence the farmer gets his reply this way! 

Govt has received near 1,134 SMSs till July-end and all had been answered, now Indian Farmers are going high tech and using Mobile Phone to enhance their Farming and Agriculture, India is primarily and Agrarian Economy and also Indian brain is the hottest in California's Silicon valley in software Industry and if these two combines, India could do wonders, I believe!

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