IMEI Number *#06# Lost Mobile Tracking

IMEI Number *#06# Lost Mobile Tracking

IMEI is a type of a code number of any GSM mobile handset and is a 15 digit numerical number unique to a mobile handset all over the Globe.

Just type / key in *#06# on your GSM cellular phone and it will display its IMEI number in most of the Mobile phones. Note it down. It is also printed on the compliance plate of the handset.

It works bit similar to a 'Bar Code' printed on the various consumer products: If you know IMEI code of any mobile phone, you can check information regarding manufacturer, model type, date and country of approval etc. To do so Click here

It can help in tracking or blocking your mobile phone if it is lost or stolen. When a phone is switched on, the IMEI number is transmitted and checked ...



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