ICICI Bank, Reliance: Mobile Money Transfer in India Starts

India: Business Standard reports an interesting M-Commerce development started in India for the Very First Time.

Now the subscribers of an Indian Telco Reliance in a joint venture with Private Indian Bank ICICI could transfer funds via Mobile Phone. May be other Telcos and Banks will join the revolution soon.

Its an another Milestone after UK's Top Lincesed Telcos joined a pool "payforit" and Google's patent pending GPay for its upcoming much hyped GPhone!

India which is currently 'realing' under its strange MOBILE REVOLUTION or we can rather say a MOBILE MANIA, could do wonders, the size of her vast population and Mobile penetration is increasing day by day, the Telecomm Companies and banking could go miles away and ahead of all if this tastes a success!

The ICICI and Reliance Communications have completed THE trial runs in few metro cities and are just ready to roll out their M-Commerce revolution in India for ther first time, first of its kind ever.

The ICICI Bank a/c holders can tranfer funds to an another ICICI a/c holders registered on their site via Reliance mobile...

Currently a limit of upto Indian Rupees (INR) 5000 (near USD 125) could be tranfered with pre or post paid Mobile subscription.

Reliance and ICICI Bank both were keen to start and promoting mobile commerce as a value-added service (VAS) in India, the dream come tre now...

Statically speaking , ICICI Bank has 24 million+ customers and Reliance has 37 million+ subscribers and both are on the growing spree.

The Ambani Anil group Reliance m-commerce services would include bill payments, railway n airline ticket, shoppe, auctions, movie and event ticketing among others and much more in fuure.

With an around 180 million cellular users in India and are on the grow the country, but mobile commerce is still a VIRGIN and untouched industry.

Indian CASH ECONOMY is wonders to many in the World and now as how soon she accepted the M-Commerce, even prior to the Tech Giant USA or Europe : ) Its an another wonder on the Cards, so ready Indians, cash it, its your turn now...'BigBrother' is watching you : )

Go Mobile : )


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