Google SMS GPay: E-Commerce Mobile!

Mobile Phone World is getting day by day much broader, hotter, stronger & interesting in everybody's personal lives! Now after e-Commerce, the Mobile Commerce or SMS Commerce is on the Move and is ready to spread globally its wings!

After UKs "Payforit" where Mobile Operators' 'pooled' ) now its turn to open online giant Google eyes. GPay would soon have a system where one could make a payment via SMS, its Called GPay and already a patent application is moved there...its a SMS based payment system, it would enhance private transactions between a merchant and a customer for the products and services.

Paying for goods and services online / offline with a Mobile Phone is popular in Japan and Korea, and GPay could be like something paying for items in vending machines or paying simple offline retailers?

The concept of a MOBILE DIGITAL WALLET is emerging for the first time in US, UK and many European countries now! Internationally now people want an ease to pay with a security attached to their payment, is the root cause to develope of this kind of services now, it seems.

May be Verisign security too comes attached with an offer to certify Mobile payments system like on various Websites. Who could guess?? Atleast I cant... : )

SonyEricsson and Samsung had already signed with UK's "payforit" now its turn for Google's GPay, Googles own GPhone is about to launch anyday and they will club it with GPay?! Can you guess when Nokia, Motorola, LG, SAMSUNG and ALL will join the Club?

The online payment giants like Paypal and Obvopay have to re-shape their future stretegies if they have to survive in the fast growing Mobile virtual world, as its becoming day by day as the: "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST HERE"!

THE 'STAGE' is ALL SET to change and it would be the MOBILERS WORLD on the move nowowards always : ) Time will tell...

Cheers : )

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