Google Lunar X-Prize: Moon Contest, Owe a Moon : )

Google Lunar X-Prize: Moon Contest
Internet Search Engine Giant is 'eyeing' for The Moon : ) After the launch of Google Space, its yet an another innovative Google mission....Google's Space Odyssey begins now...

The X-Prize Foundation announced the Google's Lunar Contest, its amazing:

Awardee: The Google Inc.,
Prize Money: US$ 30 Millions,
Eligibility: Engineers, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs from around the Globe,
Tasks: To Fly and Reach The Moon, Complete basic tasks of sending data, videos, images and robotic roving explore the Lunar environment for the benefit of all of ourli'll humanity,
Open Upto: Dec 31, 2012 and after than the prize money dips to US15 Millions. 
Dont you agree that it could be a starting Space projects by Google and its just nothing but a 

"Small Step for Google and a Giant leap for Mankind" : )

Largest Lunar / Moon phenomenon is going to be happened after historic Apollo landings, history is in making again and we all are here to witness this time : )

Google has now: Google Space, Google Earth, Google Mars and Google Moon! 

Google Moon:


Web for X-Prize:

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