Free Calls: Peer to Peer, Phone To Phone, Swedish Company TerraNet

Free Calls: Peer to Peer, Phone To Phone
Now you may call it as a REVOLUTION: but its absolutely possible and You can do FREE CALLS, offered by this Swedish Company called as Terranet.

Phone to Phone Free Calls are tried by Terranet on its Peer to Peer technology. 

Terranet offers: Free Local and wireless calls, the all free SMS, and the long distance VoIP calls, all.

What Terranet dont reuires is NO Basestation is needed for a mobile communication, No antenna installation and No such infrastructure is required here. 

The technology is based on sheer peer-to-peer wireless networking.

Terranet dreams to combinmed "seamlessly" both wired & wirefree VoIP solutions.

Cheers : )

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