Book Written Using Mobile Phone: "Compagni di Viaggo"

Book Written Using Mobile Phone: "Compagni di Viaggo"
Its quite interesting to know that now Literature too become 'Mobile' : )

The Italian writer Robert Bernocco wrote his 384-page science fiction novel, "Compagni di Viaggo" or Fellow Travelers in English. 

Bernocco used the "T9 typing system" of his Nokia 6630 Cell, he did started to write along with commuting to & from the work...

Lulu, a premier online publisher and seller for thw new digital content on the Internet, is selling this first ever book written using a mobile phone T9 for only $17.38 for its paperback edition. 

So if you aspire to be a writer or think to be a budding write with NO much time in your hand to sit on your Laptop or a PC, than go mobile and try to write there from and become the next gen J.K.Rowling, may be you too get a hit this time, and may be better than the Harry Potter : )

Cheers : )

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