AdSense for Mobile Starts Officially: "Ads by Google" Go Mobile...

Search for the newest and nascent Advertising avenues are hot and the hottest is the Mobile Advertising right now. Google, the search engine giant has announced its presence in this Arena too today...

Today is a Nice surprise for many of us Google Adsesnes Publishers, while checking our Adsense account I noticed a 'head' there viz.: :"AdSense for Mobile" means if any of the Adsense Publisher runs a 'Mobile Site' now he could monetize it too with lovely Geo and Content Targeted Adsense 'Smart' Ads! Wow more revenue, more money via Adsense Mobile Sites too : )

This new stream supports two formats currently, Single & Double and is XHTML(WAP) and CHTML are supported here. One could select the channels and colors too like regular adsense ads. 

Google adds each day a new feature to its 'stores' and seems to be get set ready to become the World leader either its online or the offline world : )

And what they say officially is, "Unlock the revenue potential of your mobile site with targeted Google ads"...............

"Google AdSense program policies allow you to place only one ad unit on any mobile webpage. Ad units contain either one or two text ads. The ads are targeted to the content of your mobile webpage using contextual targeting."

Sky is the limit : )



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