India: Missed Mobile Calls Tracker

If you are in India and got a Called 'Missed', than you could certainly Track the Operator Area / Zone of the GSM / CDMA Mobile Phone from where that Mobile Call did originated to you. 

To track the Missed Call Operator / Zone just enter the ONLY first 5 digits of the Missed Call number and click Submit at below link to get the Operator name and the concerned Circle to which the number belongs to.

Unfortunately these Mobile Code Tracker Only works for Indian companies right now, not for my Global audience : ( but please have a patience I will provide you the links for Internationals too as it hits the net...


Mobile: Free International Calls and Chat

Free International Calls; chat like a parrot
Featured Site:

Nimbuzz is a Nice soption if you are looking for some Free Mobile / communications stuff like Free International Calls or Chat.

Nimbuzz is for users to make them able to do international calls to more than 35 countries at at local rates. It uses local country switches to route the calls and users only pay local charges to their carrier or local operator if applicable.

The Internet World is shrinking day by day and the biz on the net SANs boundaries... The services like Nimbuzz are growing and heding for the superior and cheaper competition for the International consumer.

Nimbuzz Calling: Site describes, "You Call from your mobile phone with Nimbuzz, Skype, MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk contacts! Start Nimbuzz and your contact list appears. After selecting one of your friends, the communication options are shown. Select the ‘Call’ option (the first time a brief explanation of the call feature appears in your screen). Select ‘Call’ and your phone will make a normal GSM call to our local switch in your region. We will then connect you for free to your selected contact.

You will only be charged by your operator at a local rate. Nimbuzz will not charge you any additional costs!

If you receive a Nimbuzz call, your phone will ring. At the same time a screen appears asking you to accept or reject the call. If you accept the call, your phone will make a normal GSM call to our local switch in your region. We will then connect you for free. You will only be charged by your operator at a local rate. Nimbuzz will not charge you any additional costs. When done, simply hang up. Want to make a conference call? Choose ‘Menu’ then ‘Start conference’, followed by ‘Conference call’. Select up to four contacts to join the conference. The list only shows people who are able to join the conference call. They are able to join with a mobile phone or PC and from any of the other leading instant messaging services. All at local costs. "

Nimbuzz also describes Chat support:

Cheers : )

India to India: free calling

Featured Site: IBIBO = I build, I bond

Here is a Good News Indians! India to India (not from outside India) Call Free to yours. No STD, no Long distance and nothing, no Catch, its absolutely amazingly FREE.

Register free > Create your ibibo profile > enable call free > ask your friends to do the same > click on CALL FOR FREE button on your friends' profile > soon you will get a call from a number > pick the call up > you will get connected to your friend's number...start talking free. You both are on an 'INCOMING' calls which are free in India.

It reminds me of and is similar to Google's Adwords (Google Advertizing Programme), where it allows FREE CALLING to the clients of her advertisers. Like when you search Google, many times you find under the 'sponsored results' (Ads) a picture of a phone. Here you can fill your Phone no. and than Google connects you with that advertiser with whome you wish to talk with, on whose advert you filled your number. The advertiser can be in any country in the world and Google connects you for free with your Advertiser, you both can talk free just at the cost of an advert, run by that advertiser.

Skype Cheap International Calls + Access Your Home PC on the Move via Your Cell Phone

Site Featured:

SoonR seems to be a nice software that keeps one secured and connected with your computer that why you are always go mobile. You can access your Home PC / Laptop files, pictures, docs etc saved in your PC via the power of your cell phone. Also the files could be shared without them uploading and you could use the power of desktop search applications. 

Site describes itself as "...Desktop Search, Outlook, Mac Mail, Skype, and the files on desktop computer(s) are made available anywhere you are and even when your computer is turned off. Any cell just with data access becomes a smart phone."

SoonR basic accounts are free. One could access pics, files, and docs and can share them with others. 


No need for any special software or expensive plans etc. If your cell can make a SMS, than your Mobile can connect with SoonR Desktop. No need to any software to install on the cell. 

All you need are these requirements: 

SoonR client installed and launched on your PC 
PC is turned on 
Outlook is running on your PC 
A mobile phone with a service plan, thats it. 

What will you get: 

Remote access to PC(s) 
Get documents and pictures optimized for your handset 
Check your Outlook or Mac Mail inbox while you're away 
Respond to emails 
International calls that cost just pennies per minute! 
Conference call support 
Supports Skype Chat! ...and much more
Try it and share it here...

Cheers : )

Anti Theft Software: Stolen Mobile Devices

Featured Site:

The above Site claims to have a unique solution to track and found the Mobile Phones and Mobile Devices which have been stolen.

The PhoneBAK Mobilephone claims to have an "unique lost & found anti-theft software program" it transmits the thief's contact # and his exact location and other details to the pre-defined cell phone numbers when somebody's mobile gadget is lost or stolen!

This works quietly in the (background) of the mobile phone and it automatically checks on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card without the knowledge of that unauthorized user who is the new owner of the stolen Mobile at that moment.

Than it sends two customizable alert SMS/text (local / International), GSM Area Code* (Area Code) & Cell ID* (GSM Localization), IMEI IMSI etc and also the location using the person's (Thief's) SIM card to the pre-defined Cell phone #s. Than its easy to track and nab the actual culprit with the help of the authorities and to recover your lost mobile device. I had not used this service as of yet but it seems nice and lucrative, CNN has also reported it as a nice service : )

It supports many International languages and do not consume much of the memoery or battery of mobile as it works in the background only,

Here is No monthly subscriptions or annual fees and the registered users get free upgrades for the gadgets. This works with Symbian Operating System. This software is appraised by many giants like: Asian Wall Street Journal, CNN, Yahoo, Gizmodo,, Slashdot, MacWorld etc.

It supports number of handsets like: Nokia N95 8GB

Symbian S60 1st Edition

Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N-Gage QD
Nokia 3600
Nokia 3620
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 7650
Siemens SX1

Symbian S60 2nd Edition

Lenovo P930
Nokia 3230
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7610
Nokia N70
Nokia N72
Nokia N90
Panasonic X700
Panasonic X800
Samsung SGH-D720
Samsung SGH-D730
Samsung SGH-Z600

Symbian S60 3rd Edition

Nokia E50
Nokia E51 New!
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia E61i
Nokia E62
Nokia E65 Popular!
Nokia E70 Popular!
Nokia E90 Popular!
Nokia N71
Nokia N73
Nokia N75
Nokia N76
Nokia N77
Nokia N80
Nokia N81 New!
Nokia N81 8GB New!
Nokia N91
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia N93i
Nokia N95 Popular!
Nokia N95 8GB New!
Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500 Sport
Nokia 5700
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia 6120
Nokia 6121
Nokia 6290
Samsung SGH-i400
Samsung SGH-i520

LG KS10 and many more...

Cheers : )


Free Mobile Streaming TV for Your Cell Phones

Featured Site: ;

Streaming TV on a cell phone is a wonderful creation or application, could it be a reality, YES IT IS: that's too absolutely for FREE.

Its International, no physical boundaries and you could watch TV on your mobile anywhere in the world, What you need is only a GPRS / WAP enabled 'Smart Phone' I dont think its a Big Big deal for such a lovely application?! There is NO subscription or monthly rents, its Free, Free and Free : ) No need of a 3G or any expensive handsets here.

Thanks to FreeBe TV mobile TV service. Its venture of ROK Entertainment – The British Company for mobile broadcasting

Here you also could send your Video clips to watch them with Mobile TV on your cell phones.

Currently Mobile TV works with these Mobile Handsets:

Nokia 3250, 6110, 6230, 6630, 6680, 6681, 7610, N70, N71, N73, N76, N80, N90, N91, N93, N93i, N95, N96, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E70, E90, 9300

LG CU-500, Fusic

Sanyo MM7500, MVP

Samsung A940, A900, D730, SGH-ZX20

Sony Ericsson K500, K608i, K610i, K750i, K800i, P990i, V600i, V630i, W300i, W550i, W600i, W800i, W810i, W850i, Z520a, Z550i, Z710i

Motorola V3X

Do you need something better than this? Oh Yes, than pl Bookmark my Blog and stay tuned, I am poised to show you the best of Mobile Technology and ALL Free and for Free : )


For Mobile Surfing: Synchronize Your Favorite RSS Feeds

Featured Site:

If you are looking for some application or a 'software' that could convert your Feeds / RSS feeds for your Mobile Browsing with a Cell Phone, PDA or a Mobile Device than certainly the Litefeeds is for you : ) You can also mobilize your feeds for your Blackberry : ) here...

Its an application which could be done via online / Internet so you dont have to 'toggle' on your li'll Mobile Browser. Or you could download + install than your Mobile will go in sync with your online account and will retrieve all of your RSS / Feeds. They are the secured feeds. 

It automatically cach and compress the feed for a fast mobile browsing, this application is smart enough. You can Share / Clip the things or could view the images here. The emails could be send from here, blog posts, bookmarks, alerts etc many application for you at the ease of your cell phone. 

Go Mobile Browse the World,

Cheers ; )

Mobile Social Networking: Free SMS, Free Content, Free Games

Get social
Mobile Social Networking: Free SMS, Free Contents, Free Games...

Featured Site: /

Social Networking is the most popular brands of Sites on the Internet, who do not know the Orkut, My Space and every day a new social network is taking birth!

Well, The Mobile Social network is another interesting platform which is taking our lives for crazy : )

In Mobikade, from Japan, we can enjoy the various social networking features functions which includes mobikade mail, My friends, My groups, Free SMS. And the best part is All of them are Free, Yahoo!!!

I can send free text messages /SMS to my friends using mobikade. Just I need to be a registered member here and Voila ;)

Its a cool site with many many free features. Here even I don't need to tell anyone my e-mail id. I can communicate with other members of this site using my mobikade account.What to say of Free Mobile Games: Watchout, Footbal, Serenity and many more and also the cool prizes to be won here. Hooooooohohooooo

Site describes itself as: "mobikade is a highly successful mobile social networking service with free contents landed from Japan: Its for you if,

* You are away from home but want to keep in touch with your friends?
* Run out of cash?
* Annoyed by SMS charges?
* Tired of all the waiting?
* You are a smart shopper and love good deals?

Life could be a fun here with Mobile Social Network platform, I wish Nintendo DS in the winning Prize for my li'll kids here ; )

Cheers : )

Mobile Site Builder: *.Mobi Free Site, Plug and Play

Mobile Site Builder: *.Mobi Free Site for Non Techys, Plug n Play

Site Featured:

Lets make a Free Site that could be surfed via Mobile device and could fit into the small cell phone screens! Yes, Its on the *.mobi domain and not on the traditional *.com : )

For example visit and bookmark my mobile site: Talkfree7

If you are looking for a nice site builder for yourself which could be browsed by your Mobile Phone, and you are a non techy like me : ) than welcome to the world of

Here what you see, what you do, means its a safe Plug n Play Site builder for free, in few minutes your site for Mobile Browser is ready and you could show it to the world or could browse from your Cell Phone, is not this interesting? Thanks to me : )

Another such good site builder site is:

So get set go to the Mobile Publishing...

Cheers : )

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Ubik phone: Future technology

Future phone technology
Ubik Phone: Future Technology

Did you heard of Ubik Phone? Its one of the most advance future tech gadget. its approx 3 inches square in the shape.

Ubik could be used to access All like emails, SMS, Instant Messaging and of course Phone functions : ) Also it could be used to play games, Web surfing, Photo sharing and Music : )

Ubik's screen has flexible and clarity with always on glowing light. This light could be programmed according to the function you are using like weather, stocks, incoming calls, SMS or so, light could be programmed to change its wings / colors : )

In Ubik you dont need to scroll the buttons to search some text menu or so. Just open the phone and function would be in front of you instantly.

The Best part is Ubik has inbuilt optical scanner which is 'smart' and could catch you, it ensures that YOU re the ONLY ONE OWNER of your Ubik who has the permission to use this is the future tech which is a reality now : )


Second Life: 3D Online Digital World, Imagined and Created by its 'Residents'

Free Avatar

Did you ever heard of a "Second Life" or ever wished that you might have one?!

Now you can too lead a SECOND LIFE entirely in the Virtual World or you can live in your thoughts, much different from your Real or the First Life. You can live in your own imaginations just like you live a life in this Real World. is a 'concept' which relates to the Virtual World living.

Site describes the Concept as: Whats the Second Life is: "Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and (till)today is inhabited by a total of 9,653,245 Residents from around the globe."

'Residents' of this 'World' could create all things here like a Home, Cars, Clothes, Furniture etc. can sale or purchase even the 'Virtual Lands and Buildings here : )

Right now Reuters, Ford and IBM too have their presence here and if you wish you could do International transactions too here with your Plastic Money or the Credit Card.

Well whats this all going I cant comment but its beyond my small intelligence, I am failed to understand this 'concept', if this is really any 'concept' at all...and perhaps this is Nohing but a concept to hide ONCE personality from 'HIMSELF' or the real world...when we are frustrated or feel depressed than perhaps this is the Right place for us?!

Do any of these second world(S) could ever replace our healthy First World ever? I wonder, or may be you my Intelligent 'Audience" here have any answers please? Pl do comment below your views : )

Is Real World Not enough to live in? Why is the need of a Second world with a second Life...Man is already much tensed in his First Life than who could stop the possible Tensions of the second world which may / would develope in the coming Second Future of the Second Life World? Why to try and to chellenge God's First Life Gift to the human?

Ok, I recall an Interesting story and wish to share with ya All here, if you prermit me please:

Once the MAN challenged THE GODS...and told that I had created the 'Second' Universe and its bigger and better than you, I could scale the Moon and such many many things...the God 'smiled' a bit and replied, Hey Man, its Good, its fine, my Son you are doing great and creating all these better than me, but I have a doubt, can you pl satisfy me that you created all these Big things with some 'Earth' or ' basic element or material' , do you owe this basic 'material or created yourself? Please tell me could you made this 'basic earth' too to create the second life? Man has No reply : )

Cheers : )

Google Gadget Ads:"Websites Within Websites"

Google Started "Gadget Ads" After "Mobile Ads

Google Today announced the newly introduced 'package' of its Google Gadget Ads They are for their iGoogle Gadgets and like "Websites within Websites" These ads are Flash and Videos format!

What are Google Gadget Ads?

Am I eligible for this program?

Does my account have Google Gadget Ads?


Talkplus 'Trick' For Free Worldwide Calls

Talkplus 'Trick' For Free Worldwide Calls

This Blog is 'Smart' and thankfully trying the best to show free calling resources for the Internationals. But I wonder the motive sometimes, I could never understand?

Free resources does not means to 'hack' someone, in my eyes, What is he doing, why is he trying to 'GIFT' a FREE 'HACK' or so as they called them...Life is NOT a shortcut, if somebody don't have the funds enough than why to 'HACK' or 'cheat'or I would say' STEAL the hard earned money of a company by means of illegal ways or backdoor entries? This not fair... Please do not promote these illegal activities, be positive and don't try to create the FREE shortcuts out of the Pigeon Holes of some VoIP companies, we are here to make the World Wide Web / WWW / Internet clean : )

shradha and kartik

Free International Video Calls: Unlimited, Anytime, Anywhere

Free International Video Calls: Unlimited, Anytime, Anywhere

Featured Site:

As the Domain name suggests, the Site is 'Cute' itself, looks a Nice communication site with some good features here and All are FREE!

HERE one can make a Video Call for Free or upto six peoples at a time and also Video Messaging too, face to face Video conversation, chat, send files etc : )

Its a global platform and you may be anywhere in the world just need an Internet connection to connect yours using this nice Portal.

Cheers : )

World Record Longest Phone Call: Tony Wright, You did it

When the 'telephone' was invented the 'HELLO' was the VERY FIRST word to be called as such, but now ALL the boundaries are transgressed in regards to the length of time we chat or call on Mobile or Land line or VoIP Net phone etc...

Guys over the Globe are getting 'crazy' : ) over many things and innovative ideas, now take Tony Wright what he did is tried and FINALLY BROKE the World record for the longest phone call with his net phone he talked for for near 40 hours. (The last record for the lengthiest call was for 39 hours, 18 minutes and 24 seconds)...

Its ok Tony you were for the World record, but what of the guy(s) at other the end, what was there fault... : ) Ha Ha,

...Anyways Tony you deserve Three Cheers from me, YOU DID IT : )

News Analyzed from here:

"The Elephant, the Tiger, and the Cell Phone" India: Shashi Tharoor

Mahatma Gandhi, India
India the country of masses, where Brits ruled for near 400 years is emerging as an Economic super power as well as a Tech Giant : )

India is NOT more a country ONLY of Beggars, Taj-Mahal, Mahatma Gandhi, Serpents, Cricket Game or Saints : )...this is what a few Westerners still 'eyes' India. India is the Biggest SUCCESSFUL democracy in the world in terms of her large population : ) A democracy which could sad to be the SUCCESSFUL despite its vast size, not amazing : ) 

India is where the 'Heart' is : )

India is the country of talent, intellect, Tech and the BEST OF ALL is next generation of us MOBILE PHONE SAVVY INDIANS : )

Shashi Tharoor ex Under Secretary of The United Nations is of Indian origin and is in New York, USA...he tried to reflect emerging India in this 21st century and in a new ushering era in his latest book titled "The Elephant, the Tiger, and the Cell Phone" 

I will read this book for sure but the Title attracts me as it depicts truly the 'Crazy Indians', 'maniac' and responsible for the Mobile Revolution in India...faster even than the China : )

Cheers : )