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Site Featured: www.mobivox.com

MOBIVOX has some great new, cool and useful voice related applications to your Cell Phone. ... you can take a visit the www.mobivox.com home page to learn more! ...

Mobivox has made the mobile telephony free or very cheap. The best thing is NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD and use your mobile from office or home to anywhere in the world on this earth...

From your Mobile you can do here, what they are giving:

"From any mobile
Free and unlimited Skype™ calls
No download on your PC or your mobile
Works with ANY phone
Online status of contacts
No SkypeIn required
No PC required "

Mobivox has enabled Skype and Free International Phone Calls From ANY Mobile ... they have a list of countries and cities where they have a local access numbers, and they are adding more n more to this lengthy list...

According to the Site: " MOBIVOX overview

MOBIVOX brings new, cool and useful voice related applications to the cell phone. As a mobile ASP (Application Service Provider), it bridges the gap between mobile phones, VoIP and Voice over Instant Messaging (VoIM) and effectively connects the mobile, PC, or home phone to any network. MOBIVOX brings the best of VoIP to mobile handset users around the world, allowing everyone to enjoy real savings through leveraging efficiencies possible with VoIP technology. Since a mobile experience is more than just a function of a handset, MOBIVOX hosted services will also transform, upgrade and re-invent the experience regardless of handset model. MOBIVOX hosted mobile applications are designed to address important limitations of consumer mobile services thereby enhancing people's mobile lifestyle.

This product uses the Skype™ API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype™."

They also offer: Instant conferencing, Mobile to Home hand-off, Dynamic Group calls etc.

They further say about: "Speaking your commands
Voice recognition is recommended for all fluent English speakers
Dialling your commands
Using your keypad is recommended for non fluent English speakers or if most of your contact have non English names
Don't forget you can always dial a phone number directly..."

Its a VERISIGN secured site, so could be trusted : )

So dont wait just login for free: I RECOMMEND YOU TO SIGN IT DIRECTLY FROM THIS PAGE, if you wish, there is a link below the 'COMMENTS' spot of this post, pl check if this is for you : ) Its in BLUE COLOR, "Free International Mobile Calls
From any Mobile Phone. No Download - Free Trial!"


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