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Rebtel is a VoIP service. It gives Free/ Cheap Global calling rates on both your mobile and landline phone.

One has to give Rebtel a friend's phone number and Rebtel returns with a local number for them so that one get cheaper rates.

You'll need to add credits to your account, or may be can simply have your friend call you back from the number that Rebtel sends them via SMS, or the number that appears on the screen;

stay on the line, and both you and your friend can chat while paying at a local call rate. Without paying anything you'll get 10 international calls which last as long as you want.

Or if you"d prefer to pay, you"ll get charged @ per minute rate-- all calls within the US are near 2 cents. So far Rebtel"s got 37 countries covered and you can sign up for an email notification when Rebtel gets to your country.

So why wait, just login your turn to and start calling for Free...

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Efe said...

There is even a facebook application called RebMe for Facebook, provides super slick integration with most Rebtel functions (you just can't add credit)

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