Ooma Voip: Free Calls, SMS

Ooma Voip: Free Calls, SMS

Site Featured: www.ooma.com

A newborn in the VoIP segment is OOMA.

It was a need and is a long awaited and is a startup - Ooma - launched in July 2007.

It resembles Vonage and the SunRocket, Ooma allows consumers to use their phones to make and receive phone calls, at a drastically cheap prices.

Generally we hate to pay on the net as all the FREE resources are here thats why Ooma is a welcome step in the virtual world.

What oom believes in is, in their own words (www.ooma.com):

.....Our CEO and founder, Andrew Frame, says it best: "I believe customers should have a better phone experience, one that combines convenience, innovation and cost savings. Just as consumers transformed the functionality of their television through TiVo and their music with the iPod, they can reinvent the way they use their home phone with an ooma system."

This is the promise of ooma. 131 years after Alexander Graham Bell's patent that gave birth to the telephone dial tone, ooma is filing patents to let customers "own" that dial tone - forever changing the way they think about home telephone service.

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