Nokia is Gearing Up to Blow iPhone

Nokia OviNokia Mobile, Ovi, IPhone: Nokia is Gearing Up to Blow iPhone

...As Nokia has launched multimedia mobiles, and her OVI, a music and gaming service for Mobiles and PCs. Nokia is anticipating that this would cost Apple's iPhone and iTunes dearly, and may be it would be the next cause of tension with operators.

Ovi (Ovi means "door" in Finnish) is a new Nokia music store, GPS-linked maps, and a revived N-Gage gaming service, which users will access through PCs as well as mobile devices.

It is expected to be launch before Christmas in many countries including the UK, will initially be for Nokia's high-end N series,

It could be the start of an another ERA in Mobile markets as Nokia is a massive market that could eclipse Apple's, Time Only will tell, but one thing is sure, Customer ALWAYS will be the KING!

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