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Site in Review: Mundu Speak:

I love Mundu, it has some Genuine and Brilliant VoIP and Voice services to offer. They have another site for streaming FM Global radio stations for free

Look yourself what Mundu Speak has to offered on their Site:

"Make unlimited calls from mobile to mobile using VoIP.
Secure: All text messages are encrypted end-to-end.
Instant Messaging: Send and receive instant text messages along with making calls.
Unlimited Talk Time: No counting minutes.
Presence Status: Let your family and friends know when you are available.
Group and contact management.
Offline Messaging: Lets your contacts leave offline messages.
Rich text support with graphic emoticons and quick-text."

Dont wait Rush to Mundu : )
Free Mundu Live Stream FM Radio for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, App

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