Mobile SMS Money Transfer: Anam

Mobile SMS Money Transfer: Anam


This is a Cool Site to transfer money via SMS, it says:

"SMS Money Transfer allows user to send money to another person using standard text messaging in a secure fashion."

"How does it work?

Subscriber A (sender) and subscriber B (receiver) have registered their phone numbers and have chosen a PIN.

Subscriber A wants to send €50 to subscriber B. He therefore composes a text message: “#Cash €50” and sends this message to subscriber B using his mobile’s built-in address book.

Anam’s Smart Services platform diverts this message to the #Cash Application Server for processing.

Subscriber A is then sent a text message with information to call an IVR.

The IVR reads out the transaction to subscriber A who then confirms the transaction is correct by entering their PIN.

€50 is debited from subscriber A’s bank account as a virtual ATM transaction.

€50 is credited to the bank account of subscriber B.

Subscriber B receives a text from subscriber A “I have paid you €50”"

Anam has many other features to its credit like: Ad-funded SMS, Parental Control and MultiSim etc...

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