Cell phone throwing world championship

Mobile phone throwing world championship
If you are REALLY annoyed with your cell phone or your service provider than surely you are welcome and should take a part in this Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship for a fun...

You can choose to do two things: throwing of a mobile phone and your freestyle.

First type of contest you have to make throw a chosen cell phone as far as you can like a ball or a spear, in the second type you have to 'manage' Mobile phones in front of a panel of judges and get judged on how well you do so. Interesting??

It was the current Saturday the contest was held in a small Finland village of Savonlinna, where 32 contestants got in to take part, the winner of the throwing contest (Tommi Huotari) threw his phone 294 feet and the winner of the freestyle contest (Taco Cohen) among other tricks 'turned' on his hands while dressed as a female.

What do you think about this competition? Come on do not thing do your part and have a 'sportsman spirit" : )

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