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India: Samir K Dash of Rourkela, who works as a Systems Consultant at Enterprise System Solutions Private Ltd (ESSPL), a private IT company based at Infocity in BhubaneswarAn an Indian webdeveloper from Orissa, has developed a software application to send and recieve animated and customized e-greetings on GPRS-enabled mobile phones and PCs with an Internet connections.

Dash had won the Flash Lite Application Contest 2006, sponsored by Software giants Adobe, Moket and Adobe Mobile and Devices User Groups of Boston, Brazil and Australia.

Site says: "MobileWish is world's first complete mobile greetings messenger in Adobe Flash Lite, which allows users to send and receive the greetings to almost anyone around the world on their mobile handsets."

The software application MobileWish, version launched just last month and The current version, MobileWish 2, has been available since last month.

The software could be downloaded directly from the website Dash has a claim that there are already over 2,000+ users - most of them from Europe and the US.

He further claims:

"It was a challenge to deliver interactive content with animation, sound, visual effects like in an e-card from a mobile to another handset," and
"Currently, more than 30 models of Nokia handsets support this application, which I have built using Adobe Flash Lite(r) technology," further

"A user first needs to download the software which is available at Then this software has to be transferred into the user's handset using either a Bluetooth or a cable or infrared (if supported by phone)." After transfer the application will be automatically installed on the mobile set."

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Unknown said...

Thanks pal for sharing ur feedbacks on MobileWish !


pk said...

Hi Samir,


No need to feel a thanks, you are doing such a nice piece of work, that I could not stop me to highlight it here, this is the least thing perhaps I could do.

Have a nice COLORFUL future ahead. Take care,


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