Jaxtr: Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Now Call India for Free with Jaxtr VOIP

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Now Call India for Free with Jaxtr VOIP

Many users were asking for a VOIP service provider which allows to call from India for free. We discussed many VoIP services in the past, however almost all stopped offering free calls. Today, we will be discussion this solution to call India for free or for that matter it works for many countries.

We did post about Jaxtr back in March 2007. We got some great responses and some people were able to make free calls, however there were apparent issues. It seems Jaxtr has matured into a more flexible VOIP solution.

Hemant Jain from IIT Madras has today contributed this article. Hemant has been instrumental in testing various VOIP services for VOIP guide in the past. The article is edited by Vinay for minor changes.

Jaxtr is a Voice 2.0 startup in VOIP space. Jaxtr was launched back in Jan/Feb 2007. Jaxtr offers free calls to over 51 countries around the globe including India and Pakistan. It works with any landline or mobile phone.

You can receive/call up to 100 minutes per month of incoming jaxtr calls to your existing phone if you are in one of the following 51 countries (the number of minutes will depend on your country and the kind of phone you use(For India it provides some 16 mins per months).

Let see how you can use Jaxtr:

1) Signup at Jaxtr
2) Verify your email address
3) Add your phone number by selecting add/drop option in the drop menu
4) You will receive a call from jaxtr team. Answe the call and press the verification code shown on the computer screen.
5) After that computer will show the message that your account is verified.(Sometimes the call from jaxtr team will get disconnected before You enter the verification code. Don't worry in that case your phone number will be added automatically)

Note: Uncheck the privacy shield before making any calls.

You will get a jaxtr link for receiving calls using this registration. That link will be (www.jaxtr.com/user_name) where username is the screen name which you have given while registering at the jaxtr.

How to call using Jaxtr:

1) Open your jaxtr link
2) A widget will appear on the computer screen.
3) Enter the phone no of your friend in the gadget shown
4) First ring will go to your friends phone number and after then your phone will ring.
5) Receive the call and enjoy talking.

Jaxtr will connect the two numbers only once after that a special local number is created. Special local number will be of the country from where your friend is calling (Mumbai's number in case of India).Your friend can call you using that number by dialing at that number from his phone as many times as you want at the cost of local phone.

How to earn Extra Jax (Getting more talk time)

Like most of the VOIP service provider jaxtr also believe in gorilla marketing. It gives you talk time for each user you invite and he/she signs up. Earn 20 jax for each new jaxtr user you sign up.

Happy calling to the World and specially India.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for very clear information.
Is there a way to unregister jaxtr account and respective phone number from jaxtr,and create a new account with the same number ? Thank you ..

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