Google PR: "Don't Be Evil"?

'Page Rank' is the Google's 'tool' to determine the usefulness of a Website, Its a complex Algorithm! Named on one of the Founder of Google Larry 'PAGE'! Page Rank or PR is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 and higher is the better.

Google measures it periodically time to time and fixes each time for a Site. The current period to measure the PR is in the wait and VIRTUL WORLD is waiting anxiously for the results and their number. The current Google PageRank update has been going much longer than expected.

...started in July and expected to end August end, All the datacentres are still not updated, leading to speculation and debate on whether Google has done away with the PageRank system altogether??

Gurus are anticipating and explaining the many flaws of PR used to decide a site’s worthiness. Among them:
• PR numbers are inacurate and out of date since 3 months.
• PR has generated an industry of buying and selling links to gain PR which misrepresents a site’s true quality? (I dont know though : )
• PR could be and been abused in ways that are not in the interest of webmasters.

The debates are going on all over the net at various WebmasterWorld with many webmasters criticizing Google for keeping PR as a branding and image tool rather than a useful metric.

But "Don't Be Evil" is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of GOOGLE and the Online world has to wait wait n wait...GOOGLE RULES THE VIRTUAL WORLD AND CREATES ITS OWN RULES to follow : )

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Anonymous said...

As Google PR is nevertheless out-dated its not useful to go behind it. Now its better to check the value of our site (in USD) using some value checkers.

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