Mobile SMS Money Transfer: Anam

Mobile SMS Money Transfer: Anam


This is a Cool Site to transfer money via SMS, it says:

"SMS Money Transfer allows user to send money to another person using standard text messaging in a secure fashion."

"How does it work?

Subscriber A (sender) and subscriber B (receiver) have registered their phone numbers and have chosen a PIN.

Subscriber A wants to send €50 to subscriber B. He therefore composes a text message: “#Cash €50” and sends this message to subscriber B using his mobile’s built-in address book.

Anam’s Smart Services platform diverts this message to the #Cash Application Server for processing.

Subscriber A is then sent a text message with information to call an IVR.

The IVR reads out the transaction to subscriber A who then confirms the transaction is correct by entering their PIN.

€50 is debited from subscriber A’s bank account as a virtual ATM transaction.

€50 is credited to the bank account of subscriber B.

Subscriber B receives a text from subscriber A “I have paid you €50”"

Anam has many other features to its credit like: Ad-funded SMS, Parental Control and MultiSim etc...

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Japan: KDDI's Free Mobile Blog (MoBlog) Service

Japan’s KDDI will launch a free mobile weblog system, dubbed Duoblog, for subscribers to its 3G WIN EZ Web service Its first from Japan cell cos, here users can access and update these mobile blogs directly from their handset or PC through the KDDI Duogate portal.

The Internet blogging community in Japan is still small compared to the US. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun business daily tells there are around 2 million Internet blog journals currently online in Japan.

Japanese Internet advertising company Cyber Agent launched a system to insert ads on blogs based on a variety of keywords similar to Google Ad Words.

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications quotes at least 3.35 million bloggers currently online in Japan


Google PR: "Don't Be Evil"?

'Page Rank' is the Google's 'tool' to determine the usefulness of a Website, Its a complex Algorithm! Named on one of the Founder of Google Larry 'PAGE'! Page Rank or PR is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 and higher is the better.

Google measures it periodically time to time and fixes each time for a Site. The current period to measure the PR is in the wait and VIRTUL WORLD is waiting anxiously for the results and their number. The current Google PageRank update has been going much longer than expected.

...started in July and expected to end August end, All the datacentres are still not updated, leading to speculation and debate on whether Google has done away with the PageRank system altogether??

Gurus are anticipating and explaining the many flaws of PR used to decide a site’s worthiness. Among them:
• PR numbers are inacurate and out of date since 3 months.
• PR has generated an industry of buying and selling links to gain PR which misrepresents a site’s true quality? (I dont know though : )
• PR could be and been abused in ways that are not in the interest of webmasters.

The debates are going on all over the net at various WebmasterWorld with many webmasters criticizing Google for keeping PR as a branding and image tool rather than a useful metric.

But "Don't Be Evil" is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of GOOGLE and the Online world has to wait wait n wait...GOOGLE RULES THE VIRTUAL WORLD AND CREATES ITS OWN RULES to follow : )

Mobile to Mobile, E-Greetings:

Send e-greetings from cell phones
Site in Review: send an e greeting, Mobile to Mobile, Globally...

India: Samir K Dash of Rourkela, who works as a Systems Consultant at Enterprise System Solutions Private Ltd (ESSPL), a private IT company based at Infocity in BhubaneswarAn an Indian webdeveloper from Orissa, has developed a software application to send and recieve animated and customized e-greetings on GPRS-enabled mobile phones and PCs with an Internet connections.

Dash had won the Flash Lite Application Contest 2006, sponsored by Software giants Adobe, Moket and Adobe Mobile and Devices User Groups of Boston, Brazil and Australia.

Site says: "MobileWish is world's first complete mobile greetings messenger in Adobe Flash Lite, which allows users to send and receive the greetings to almost anyone around the world on their mobile handsets."

The software application MobileWish, version launched just last month and The current version, MobileWish 2, has been available since last month.

The software could be downloaded directly from the website Dash has a claim that there are already over 2,000+ users - most of them from Europe and the US.

He further claims:

"It was a challenge to deliver interactive content with animation, sound, visual effects like in an e-card from a mobile to another handset," and
"Currently, more than 30 models of Nokia handsets support this application, which I have built using Adobe Flash Lite(r) technology," further

"A user first needs to download the software which is available at Then this software has to be transferred into the user's handset using either a Bluetooth or a cable or infrared (if supported by phone)." After transfer the application will be automatically installed on the mobile set."

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Mundu Mobile: Make Free Unlimited Calls...

Site in Review: Mundu Speak:

I love Mundu, it has some Genuine and Brilliant VoIP and Voice services to offer. They have another site for streaming FM Global radio stations for free

Look yourself what Mundu Speak has to offered on their Site:

"Make unlimited calls from mobile to mobile using VoIP.
Secure: All text messages are encrypted end-to-end.
Instant Messaging: Send and receive instant text messages along with making calls.
Unlimited Talk Time: No counting minutes.
Presence Status: Let your family and friends know when you are available.
Group and contact management.
Offline Messaging: Lets your contacts leave offline messages.
Rich text support with graphic emoticons and quick-text."

Dont wait Rush to Mundu : )
Free Mundu Live Stream FM Radio for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, App

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Air Security: 3D X-Rays

Now Airport security staff has the resources to get hi-fi help in spotting suspicious luggage with new X-ray displays that can switch from 2D to 3D in an instant. The displays developed by by Sharp Labs...staff can see realistic 3D images from X-rays without wearing cumbersome glasses.

3D displays is already been used in the likes of laptops, medical X-rays and mobiles, but being able to switch would be the first step for airport X-rays.

Sharp says thatswhy:

"..A key part of the process was that our engineers from Oxford spent nine months in Japan actually transferring the technology developed in the UK to a state that was appropriate for mass manufacturing in Japan
Dr Grant Bourhill, Sharp Optical Imaging Laboratories"

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TalkTalk, TomTom GPS Listens You

TalkTalk, TomTom Listens You released a new GPS gadget GO920T, its has the capability of VOICE RECOGNITION GPS...

Simply the new TomTom GPS 'Listens' When You TalkTalk.

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Nintendo Wii UK: Home Console Which is Fastest Selling

According to the Internet News Reports, Nintendo Wii sales top 1m in UK and has now become the UK's fastest-selling home console in the history, with 1 million units sold in 38 weeks. Its a record!

Wii hits 1m UK sales in a record time Times Online Nintendo's Wii beats Playstation and Xbox, its amazing!

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X-Ray Mobile Messaging: Video, Doctors can Save Timeand Patients Life

"It speeds up the time in diagnosis - it is helpful for us to get immediate decisions so we can plan their cure Specialist registrar David Baker"

Welsh hospital Doctors are are leading the innovative way in using modern technology to help speed up a patient's treatment.

If a specialist is not available to make an instant diagnosis, junior doctors are using Video / Picture mobile phones to send picture messages of an X-ray.

Doctors claim the use of mobile phone technology has already reduced waiting times for orthopedic patients.

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Sony USA: Video Walkman Player

Japan's Consumer electronics maker Sony Corp. on introduced a U.S. version of its Sony Walkman it can play digital video.

The potential 'rivals' to the Apple' iPod media player are now increasing day by day, it seems??

This gadget will support an open platform -- means they can play a variety of music formats such as MP3 and Microsoft Corp's WMA, hence more choices for downloading or music management and music and video collections online.

Gadget's battery life will be up to eight hours of video playback prices ranging from US$120 to $210.

Mundu FM Radio: Live Streaming 24 hrs to your Mobile: Free Calls, SMS

Mundu FM radio
I had came across a wonderful experience with the site It plays 24 hours the live STREAMING music, news and 100s of news, jazz, pop etc CHANNELS, the only requirement are a Wi-Fi or a GPRS connection with a Symbian or so mobile and you are connected to the whole world via your mobile handset : )

Right now the site is in 'beta' mode and its an unforgettable experience for any music lover or a person who wish to be connected to the Globe with his mobile handset! Voila

Ooma Voip: Free Calls, SMS

Ooma Voip: Free Calls, SMS

Site Featured:

A newborn in the VoIP segment is OOMA.

It was a need and is a long awaited and is a startup - Ooma - launched in July 2007.

It resembles Vonage and the SunRocket, Ooma allows consumers to use their phones to make and receive phone calls, at a drastically cheap prices.

Generally we hate to pay on the net as all the FREE resources are here thats why Ooma is a welcome step in the virtual world.

What oom believes in is, in their own words (

.....Our CEO and founder, Andrew Frame, says it best: "I believe customers should have a better phone experience, one that combines convenience, innovation and cost savings. Just as consumers transformed the functionality of their television through TiVo and their music with the iPod, they can reinvent the way they use their home phone with an ooma system."

This is the promise of ooma. 131 years after Alexander Graham Bell's patent that gave birth to the telephone dial tone, ooma is filing patents to let customers "own" that dial tone - forever changing the way they think about home telephone service.

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Promptu Spoken Search™

Site Featured:

Promptu Makes Finding Content Easy...

With Promptu Spoken Search™ things are changed now! With Promptu finding content is as easy as asking for it. e.g. make a search for 'talkfree7", 247masti, jajah india, Shinchen etc or any other favorite from a Cell Phone and it returns on-target search results instantly, from across all types of content. Its amazing and an eye opener!

We can find everything we seek!

It supports and based on Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) architecture. DSR ensures the highest voice-recognition accuracy, in the industry.

So why to wait for just GO PROMPTU!!!

Free VOIP Solution; Free calls Worldwide

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Google Phone in 2008 will it have VOIP?

iPhone has created the biggest buzz in last 10 years in telecom industry. Now Google is all set to release their Google Phone by Quarter 1 in 2008. We at VOIP Guide have written several aricles in the past about Google phone and its existence.
CrunchGear reports that "A HTC insider sent them a tip this weekend about an upcoming gPhone coming out of Taiwan that should launch Q1 2008. Google is currently assessing over twenty HTC models and refining its final handset design and will create a special version of Google Maps, compatible with built-in GPS, and compatibility with Gmail and the calendar app."

We strongly believe that google Phone would also support VOIP along with full SIP support for SIP-SIP and SIP-PSTN calls, maybe a Google Talk mobile VOIP client.

It would be interesting to see how Google will leverage SIP to offer PSTN calls? There were also strong rumours that google will enable PSTN calls in the exisiting Google talk application but there is no official news yet. Maybe Pat Phelan can answer this, he keeps roaming around at googleplex :-)

If ever that happens then what will be the future of our friendsGtalk2voip? Maybe Ruslan can answer it better than me.

Lets hope the Mobile OS is more customer friendly and we can play around with google phone instead of bitching around with iphone. We also heard the phone calls will be free with Google Phone. Huh? Will that be ever possible when we have our most wonderful telecom uncles trying to rip you off? 

Jaxtr: Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Now Call India for Free with Jaxtr VOIP

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Now Call India for Free with Jaxtr VOIP

Many users were asking for a VOIP service provider which allows to call from India for free. We discussed many VoIP services in the past, however almost all stopped offering free calls. Today, we will be discussion this solution to call India for free or for that matter it works for many countries.

We did post about Jaxtr back in March 2007. We got some great responses and some people were able to make free calls, however there were apparent issues. It seems Jaxtr has matured into a more flexible VOIP solution.

Hemant Jain from IIT Madras has today contributed this article. Hemant has been instrumental in testing various VOIP services for VOIP guide in the past. The article is edited by Vinay for minor changes.

Jaxtr is a Voice 2.0 startup in VOIP space. Jaxtr was launched back in Jan/Feb 2007. Jaxtr offers free calls to over 51 countries around the globe including India and Pakistan. It works with any landline or mobile phone.

You can receive/call up to 100 minutes per month of incoming jaxtr calls to your existing phone if you are in one of the following 51 countries (the number of minutes will depend on your country and the kind of phone you use(For India it provides some 16 mins per months).

Let see how you can use Jaxtr:

1) Signup at Jaxtr
2) Verify your email address
3) Add your phone number by selecting add/drop option in the drop menu
4) You will receive a call from jaxtr team. Answe the call and press the verification code shown on the computer screen.
5) After that computer will show the message that your account is verified.(Sometimes the call from jaxtr team will get disconnected before You enter the verification code. Don't worry in that case your phone number will be added automatically)

Note: Uncheck the privacy shield before making any calls.

You will get a jaxtr link for receiving calls using this registration. That link will be ( where username is the screen name which you have given while registering at the jaxtr.

How to call using Jaxtr:

1) Open your jaxtr link
2) A widget will appear on the computer screen.
3) Enter the phone no of your friend in the gadget shown
4) First ring will go to your friends phone number and after then your phone will ring.
5) Receive the call and enjoy talking.

Jaxtr will connect the two numbers only once after that a special local number is created. Special local number will be of the country from where your friend is calling (Mumbai's number in case of India).Your friend can call you using that number by dialing at that number from his phone as many times as you want at the cost of local phone.

How to earn Extra Jax (Getting more talk time)

Like most of the VOIP service provider jaxtr also believe in gorilla marketing. It gives you talk time for each user you invite and he/she signs up. Earn 20 jax for each new jaxtr user you sign up.

Happy calling to the World and specially India.

Free VOIP to make worldwide free phone calls: Raketu

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Raketu offers free calls to 40 countries

Looks like the summer slump is over and VOIP Providers are back in action with some great free VoIP calling offers. Raketu, a known VOIP provider is now offering a great offer for making free calls to over 40 destinations.

Raketu is a VOIP provider with a little twist. They not just offer VOIP calling services but also do range of other stuff including IPTV and their softphone is more of a information center rather than a pure VOIP softphone client. Raketu tried marketing their services with a bundled soft phone with IPTV, which did well for them. They are now primarily eyeing the frustrated post-Skype mortem customers :-)

Effective from 20th Aug (We got the news today), any Raketu user who makes a payment of $9.95 or $24.95 is eligible for: Up to 1200 minutes per month free calling to locations in 40 countries for 3 months from the day you pay. This is purely limited to Rakout services and not Rakweb, which is their web based alternative. This means if you are going to use this service then ensure that you only use Raketu softphone to make calls.

3 months free calling with 1200 minutes (each month for 3 months) for $9.95 sounds good. Over and above, Raketu will charge you at normal rate. The locations in 40 countries are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea South, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City State, Venezuela

Furthermore, Raketu has slashed their calling rates for India and now offering calls at 0.06 USD (6 cents per minute).

Tips for Calling with Raketu:

Many providers ask to dial number starting from country code, however for raketu you need to dial 011+(country code)+(city code)+(phone number)format.

We never tested Raketu personally, however they have a good reputation in the market. Before someone asks a question, they are not affiliated with Betamax.

TV cell phones, watch anywhere on the Go

Live streaming TV on cell phones on the GoMobile Streaming WhereverTV

Featured Site:

Wherever.TV is founded by Mark Cavicchia.

Mark has developed this Web site that streams LIVE programming from 1,200 international TV channels hundreds of radio stations could also be listened, it uses a high-speed Internet and a server. You can also share your secured & private Webcasts here. A customable program guide of favorite channels organize them.

Access your guide via a secure web application and quickly navigate to favorite sights and sounds again and again, whenever you want and wherever you are.

Enjoy the life with and stay tuned with YOURS.

Nokia is Gearing Up to Blow iPhone

Nokia OviNokia Mobile, Ovi, IPhone: Nokia is Gearing Up to Blow iPhone

...As Nokia has launched multimedia mobiles, and her OVI, a music and gaming service for Mobiles and PCs. Nokia is anticipating that this would cost Apple's iPhone and iTunes dearly, and may be it would be the next cause of tension with operators.

Ovi (Ovi means "door" in Finnish) is a new Nokia music store, GPS-linked maps, and a revived N-Gage gaming service, which users will access through PCs as well as mobile devices.

It is expected to be launch before Christmas in many countries including the UK, will initially be for Nokia's high-end N series,

It could be the start of an another ERA in Mobile markets as Nokia is a massive market that could eclipse Apple's, Time Only will tell, but one thing is sure, Customer ALWAYS will be the KING!

PigeonRank™: a Google Patent

Pigeon Rank by Google
Google's Pigen Rank
Secret behind Googles' GREAT and pin point, speedy search engine technology is The PIGEONRANK TM and Patented with Google!

This is a SYSTEM for ranking web pages developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University.

Work of B. F. Skinner, Page and Brin reasoned that low cost pigeon clusters (PCs) could be used to compute the relative value of web pages faster than human editors or machine-based algorithms. And while Google has dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of our service on a daily basis, PigeonRank continues to provide the basis for all of our web search tools.

How it got developed as a PigeonRank?

The ease of training pigeons was documented early in the annals of science and fully explored by noted psychologist B.F. Skinner, who demonstrated that with only minor incentives, pigeons could be trained to execute complex tasks such as playing ping pong, piloting bombs or revising the Abatements, Credits and Refunds section of the national tax...

This is an INTERESTING fact to me, today I got it while surfing the net, but Right now I am on the 'Cloud-9' surfing the 'BLUES' with my PIGEONS for a RANK : )

'Broadband Stealed', how?

In an interesting story today on the net I am amazed to read that even a Broadband could be get 'stolen', really I was ignorant of this.

Its an interesting story you too can read it full :

The Guy dared to accessed the unsecured wireless connection with no permission, thats why this is a BROADBAND stealing : ) and they say, Dishonestly obtaining free internet access is an offence under the Communications Act 2003 and a potential breach of the Computer Misuse Act.

Bluejacking Mobile, what's it?